Q.1.) Do I need referral doctor letter to avail treatment?
Ans.  No, you never require any doctors refer letter to  avail any medical related services
in any hospitals in Mumbai or India. If you have a problem and you do not understand to which doctor you must show never mind, show to the general doctor available in the hospital or casualty department and narrate your brief history to him. The doctor might treat you or
possibly will refer you to the concerned specialty doctor.

Q.2.) Do I need to take my old papers and medication?
Ans.  Yes it always a good habit to carry old medical records along with you this will help the
treating doctor to make quick decision and can avoid unnecessary investigation which will save your time and money too.

Q.3.) My Doctor do not trust blood reports from our local pathology lab?
Ans.  There are many reasons for doing so. If doctor feels that reports are not from qualified lab then he has every right to do so in your best interest. Your local path lab must have good GCP, standard, Should be under direct supervision of qualified M.D. pathologist. Lab must have good internal, local or external quality control program on daily basis at least one or in combination of two. For quality reporting many factor are responsible, like good instrumentation, techniques adapted, quality control program, good reagents, qualified and experienced lab technician and a MD doctor. No pathology lab can be operated without Qualified Doctors.